Making Surfactants Cleaner and Greener

About NatSurFact

What is NatSurFact?

NatSurFact is a Rhamnolipid-based line of BioSurfactant products.

Rhamnolipids are a naturally occurring class of compounds that have surface active (surfactant) properties. In nature, many species of single-celled organisms produce rhamnolipids to help them survive. The NatSurFact Team is harnessing these organisms to produce rhamnolipids efficiently in order to help us live better lives, too. Rhamnolipids are made up of fats and sugars – which is a big part of the reason they have such good environmental and safety characteristics.

Green and Renewable

NatSurFact is made from a renewable source – vegetable oil – in a natural fermentation process. It is mild when we use it to wash our skin, hair, or home, and does not hurt the environment. NatSurFact is environmentally friendly in all phases of its lifecycle. 

Our Mission

We are all about bringing the benefits of NatSurFact – a cost-effective, powerful, and environmentally friendly product – to the world. Our close-knit team works together with all our partners, both upstream and downstream, to develop better products for personal care, cosmetics, and household and industrial cleaners, as well as anywhere else surfactants can be used.

Mild yet powerful, NatSurFact has a large range of applications.


Personal Care

NatSurFact can replace conventional surfactants, such as Sodium 

Lauryl Sulfate, in products like shampoos, body washes, hand soaps, 

and cosmetics. 

Household Cleaners

NatSurFact works with mild power in household cleaners such as dish soap, all purpose cleaners, and stain removers. 

Industrial Cleaners

NatSurFact brings eco-friendliness, biodegradability, and mildness to products used in janitorial cleaning, floor care, transportation cleaning, hard surface cleaning, and vehicle care. 


Rhamnolipids, the main ingredients in NatSurFact, have been shown to improve wound healing. Other potential medical applications are also being investigated. 


Rhamnolipids are known to have anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. NatSurFact can be used as greener, cost-effective alternative to traditional surfactants commonly used in agriculture.  

Wastewater Treatment

NatSurFact enhances the activity of the "activated sludge" in waste water treatment plants, helping to remove pollutants.  


Rhamnolipids can provide a green way to reduce the impact of oil spills, and remove heavy metal from contaminated environments.  

Enhanced Oil Recovery

NatSurFact may be used to increase production of an old oil well, and is a greener option than chemicals currently used because it is naturally found in the environment and is biodegradable. 

How NatSurFact Stacks Up

How NatSurFact Is Made

In the beginning...

Our natural fermentation process starts with triacylglyceride oil, also known as vegetable oil.

... then nature takes its course.

Our specially selected bacteria efficiently eat the oil and expel NatSurFact rhamnolipids in a vessel similar to one used to make beer.

... TA DA!

We use innovative, proprietary processes to concentrate NatSurFact so that it is ready to make your products great!

Our products are now available for Order in bulk quantities.

Why NatSurFact

Low Toxicity

NatSurFact has lower toxicity to wildlife than conventional surfactants and is readily biodegradable. 

Mild Yet Powerful

NatSurFact is a mild, yet powerful, which makes it useful in things like shampoos, body washes, household cleaners, and more.

Enhances Breakdown

In treatment plants, NatSurFact enhances the breakdown of pollutants in water before it is released back into the environment.

Featured Products

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